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Vitamin D

The importance of Vitamin D and Sunscreen for you and your little ones

Keep you and your family safe from sunburn and enriched in Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is hugely important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, fighting off a range of diseases and helps boost your overall brain function. 

Although Vitamin D mostly comes from taking in the sunshine, it can be difficult to take in the benefits of the sun when protecting our skin from possible sunburns. 
We need to protect ourselves and our kids from the sun by layering up the sunscreen but then we don't take in any Vitamin D!
There is also only a small number of foods that contain Vitamin D and most of which do not contain enough as the recommended intake. 

Therefore Vitamin D supplements are essential for you and your children. See range of Vitamin D options HERE

In Ireland we don't get enough Vitamin D and with the increasing number of people with diabetes in adults and children, we actively need to start taking Vitamin D!
Vitamin D from the sun is a fat-soluble hormone which can be found in foods such as: some fish, fish liver oils, eggs, fortified dairy, and grains. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight hitting the skin triggers Vitamin D synthesis: Vitamin D is produced by the body in response.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Healthy bones and teeth:

Vitamin D plays a huge role in regulating calcium  and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood.  Vitamin D deficiency in children can cause rickets, which leads to a severely bowlegged appearance due to the softening of the bones.


Can reduce high blood pressure:

Recent studies are showing that Vitamin D supplements and exposing people to more UVA and UVB rays have normalised their high blood pressure. Some studies say the reason behind is it decreases the production of a hormone called renin which in effect lowers high blood pressure. 

Healthy children:

Not only is there a possible connection between low Vitamin D levels and stiffness in the arterial walls of children but studies on asthma suggest that there is a connection between low Vitamin D exposure and an increased risk of allergic sensitisation. 

Be sure to check out our Wellkid Peppa Pig Vitamin D for the kids HERE.

Vitamin D

Importance of Sunscreen

As the weather changes so quickly here in Ireland, it is important to always be packing sunscreen - particularly for our kids.

It's horrible to see our baby's in pain and no one wants to see their kids sunburnt, itching and feeling unwell!

It is also very dangerous for children to get sunburnt and repeat sunburns as a child can increase the risk of getting skin cancer.

Unprotected sun exposure is even more dangerous for kids who have moles or freckles, very fair skin and hair, or a family history of skin cancer.

Check out our range of sunscreen HERE

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