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Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress management is so important, particularly during this time of year when we are trying to finish work deadlines for Christmas and not to forget the family commitments while also balancing Covid 19 restrictions.

It can become overwhelming balancing work and family life while also making time for yourself and other interests. Add the stress of a pandemic and not being able to see friends and family and you've got yourself mentally and/or physically unwell - you must make stress management a priority! 

We hear a lot of people say 'your health is your wealth' but it truly is. If your brain and body is not kept well and healthy, everything around us will not stay well and healthy. We put so much money into looking after our physical appearance with new clothes, make up or getting our hair done and often forget to invest in our wellbeing!

Stress can also have a huge effect on how we feel physically or mentally without us even knowing. We recommend taking Vitamin B and Magnesium as they both reduce stress levels and are important for balancing out depressive moods. See HERE our capsules for Vitamin B and HERE for Magnesium. 


So how can we relieve stress?

Stress is an overwhelming amount of pressure and we often feel stressed because we have more commitments than normal or the commitments we currently have are taking up a lot of space in our heads. 

When you feel stressed, the best way to manage this is to first identify what is causing you this stress! Is it work, is it an argument you've had with someone or is it financial pressure? After you have identified the stressful issue, see what steps you can take to relieve this pressure. It may be delegating workloads or just speaking to someone close to you.   

Although we all get stressed from time to time, learning to manage your stress can be an amazing skill to help you going forward!

Here are some of our top tips for stress management: 



I know we sound like a broken record! BUT exercise has proven in study after study as being one of the best medicines for stress. Sometimes it is so difficult to squeeze in a class at the gym or going to your local sports club but even a long walk or jog can help relieve stress. 


Eat healthy

Getting the right vitamins, nutrients and of course water is vital to improving your mood. Vitamin D and Vitamin C is so important to keeping your mental health well and can sometimes be difficult to consume in our foods and from the sun. 

Vitamin D can help with regulating your mood and help ease stress and with our lack of sunshine here in Ireland, it is important to take vitamins to ensure you are getting enough! 

Check out our Vitamin D oral spray HERE.

Vitamin C is great at helping with stress and anxiety, in some studies it has also shown to help with depression. Again this is another vitamin most of us are lacking! To stock up today, check out our Vitamin C HERE.


Don't be so hard on yourself

The way we speak to ourselves can be so damaging if most of it is just negative! Remind yourself that you are doing great and your only human. Everyone makes mistakes and not everything can be done right now. Give yourself some time to relax and take the pressure off yourself. 

Each day you should take a couple of minutes to appreciate yourself. Act as if you are your own best friends, be kind and supportive.  


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