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How we are staying healthy at Healthy Buzz

by Ruth Irwin on December 14, 2020

What a year it has been! But it's not over yet, winter is well and truly here so we have been taking action on ensuring our mind and body stays healthy. 

Although we have all been busy like crazy! With work, Christmas shopping, school runs and all their extra activities - trying to fit in some 'me time' feels impossible. 

Here at Healthy Buzz we are only starting to find time for ourselves and enjoy the festive season with our loved ones.  

Healthy Buzz

One thing we are LOVING right now is our weekday swims! If your thinking of going for a dip in the sea... JUST DO IT!

Did you know that cold water swimming activates temperature receptors under the skin that release hormones such as endorphins, adrenaline and cortisol. Release those positive hormones and feel better physically and mentally! It can also help with physical body pain and skin discomfort. 

Why not join us for a dip on Portmarnock Beach any weekday from 9.30am! Check us out on our Healthy Buzz Instagram HERE and come for the BUZZ.

Healthy Buzz

We are also loving these Winter Wellness packs. Vitamin D has become a front runner in keeping your family healthy during these times, so check out our packs below and if you haven't started “spraying” your child's mouth with vitamin D every morning before school - get on it! They are so handy to use and I believe they are one of the big the reasons we are staying healthy at Healthy Buzz.

Check out all our Winter Wellness packs HERE or see some of most recommended below!

Happy Shopping & see you at the beach

Ruth xxx


Family Winter Wellness VITAMIN D

Healthy Buzz

Keep the whole family healthy with these vitamin D sprays! With the lack of sunshine we get here in Ireland, it's important to make sure you and your little ones aren't lacking in vitamin D. Buy this Winter Wellness pack for 4 for only €29.95 HERE.



Healthy Buzz

Get the kids excited about healthy eating with Nuzest Chocolate flavour (it's actually filled with real fruit and veg with zero bad stuff!). Don't forget to top them up after with a multivitamin spray and a vitamin D spray. Shop HERE