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No Cow, Just Wow!

No Cow, Just Wow!

PLANT BASED MILK CURIOSITIES: Everything you need to know is here!

Let’s talk about plant based milk! What is it?

Firstly, plant based milk is a substitute for cow’s milk, which doesn’t contain lactose. Secondly, it has an excellent taste and low fat content. In most cases, plant based milk is preferred to cow’s milk for many reasons, such as lactose intolerance, celiac disease and following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Most cow’s milk production takes a huge toll on the environment. It needs a lot of fossil fuels, water and land, which leads to deforestation and soil erosion. For those who care about health, animal welfare and the environment, switching from cow’s milk to plant based milk is a good choice!

We remind you that plant based milk is an absolutely nutritionally complete foodstuff! The protein, vitamin and mineral quota is almost always excellent and provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.

But what are the benefits of plant based milk? How is it good for your health?

  • Less sugar

Did you know that cow’s milk contains 12 grams of carbohydrates from lactose sugars? If you are on a well-balanced diet, it’s time to switch to plant based milk, which contains only one gram of carbohydrates.

  • Lower in fat and calories

Unlike the cow’s milk, plant based milk has 37% to 75% less fat, even if some nutritional aspects are similar to cow’s milk, such as sodium and potassium.

In addition, many varieties of plant based milk are lower in calories than cow’s milk. The varieties may be almond, rice, coconut, hemp and cashew milk.

We would like to introduce you to our

1) Alpro - Coconut Milk for Professionals 12x1L

Alpro Coconut Milk for Professionals is especially for professional baristas, as it makes the job easier in creating excellent latte art. It has a refreshing taste, thanks to the addition of the main ingredient, the coconut.

Still not convinced? We list its benefits!

  • Refreshing anytime & anywhere
  • 100% plant-based
  • No added sugars, contains naturally occurring sugars
  • Naturally lactose free
  • Low in calories, only 40 kcal a glass (200 ml)
  • Source of vitamin B12 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Below we suggest another of our delicious Alpro products,

2) Alpro Oat Milk for Professionals 12x1L.

This oat milk will make your coffee taste even better! It contains only naturally occurring sugars, with none added.

  • No hormones

If you stop and think for a moment, plant based milk is totally hormone-free, as it isn’t produced by animals! While in cow’s milk there is a lot of hormone oestrogen, because cows produce their own milk during pregnancy and lactation. Plant based milk is our friend, whereas oestrogen is bad for our health!

Plant-based milks have nutrients that cow’s milk doesn’t have

For example, oat milk contains a real source of riboflavin and in some fortified plant based milks you can find more calcium than cow’s milk! Walks in Oatly Barista

3) Oatly Barista Oat Drink Foamable 10x250ml

This Barista Edition oat drink is made with liquid oats and is not overly sweet or heavy. If you’re a professional barista, we can reassure you by telling you that it’s completely foamable, so you can make your latte art easier. While for those of you who aren’t baristas like me, you can taste it however you like!

Last but not least, we find that plant based milk doesn’t contain cholesterol, it has a healthy combination of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, it contains a high vitamin B and is perfect for people with a slow digestive system, constipation problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

As we told you before, plant based milk is environmentally friendly and can play a big role in protecting our environment. Let’s see its characteristics!

  • Produce fewer emissions

Plant based milk reduces carbon footprint, as no animals are needed to produce it. Switch to an eco-friendlier choice!

  • Require less land

Cow’s milk needs a lot of land for grazing and food, but these lead to deforestation, which affects climate change. On the other hand, plant based milk needs little space for growing plants. This offers a huge reduction in land use!

  • Require less water

The amount of water used to produce plant based milk averages 50% less water than that of cow’s milk. And we’ve said it all!

Let’s take a look at the different types of plant based milk and their benefits! 

Soya plant based milk

This type of plant based milk is the best known and most popular, but why?

  • It has fewer calories than milk
  • It’s more digestible
  • It’s good for people with diabetes and who are lactose intolerant
  • It has lowers cholesterol
  • it’s recommended for women during the PMS
  • It contains potassium and magnesium, ideal for controlling high blood pressure
  • It has a high calcium content

Almond plant based milk

It’s one of the most nutritious and is suitable for all those people who have low energy and need a food supplement. Its benefits are:

  • it’s easy to digest
  • it has a high magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin E content
  • it may be reducing the risk of colon cancer
  • Almonds help reduce cholesterol
  • it’s beneficial for the brain and muscles because of its high potassium content
  • its high fibre content is ideal for constipation
  • It prevents osteoporosis
  • It’s useful for people who are anaemic, weak, have liver problems or are malnourished

Oat plant based milk

Oat plant based milk is an excellent drink for those who want to take care of themselves and lose weight. The benefits:

  • It helps reduce cholesterol
  • It’s very rich in carbohydrates
  • Its high fibre content can strengthen the digestive system and offers a feeling of satiety
  • It has essential fatty acids, such as vitamin E

Rice plant based milk

  • It has depurative and hypotensive properties
  • It’s a light and sweet drink that doesn’t contain gluten
  • It digests very well and relaxes
  • It’s called the ‘seed of serenity’, which is good for the energy and balance of the nervous system

But do you want to know its most unique benefit?

You can make it yourself and make it unique… Incredible!

Preparing it isn’t difficult, as long as the main ingredient is ground into a powder and then blended with water and flavourings.

Here’s a tip! When you prepare them at home, remember to enrich them with nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, potassium, etc. as you like!

Let us know how your unique and special plant based milk turns out!

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