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Detox and get healthy | Healthy Buzz Ireland | Malahide, Dublin

New year - time to detox and get healthy 

Happy 2020 - Lets Get Healthy with Healthy Buzz

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘new year, new me’ although it sounds cringe, it’s a great reason to detox and get healthy! 

Encouraging yourself to detox and get healthy can be difficult but after a Christmas of chocolate, fatty foods and low levels of exercise, you may need it now more than ever before. Cleansing your body won’t only make you look better but it will make you feel better and refuel your energy levels. 

We’re all back in work and craving the Christmas sugar. We’re crashing mid day and our brains feel clouded. While also trying to power through the day with caffeine and a lack of sleep which can negatively impact our mental health. So to ditch the new year slump and check out some tips on how to detox and get healthy in 2020.

Vitamins! Vitamins! Vitamins! 

If you really want to get healthy, you got to stock up on your fruit and vegetables to give you all the vitamins needed. Particularly greens that contain Vitamin C, B9 and Potassium. 

Vitamin C can be found in oranges, red and green peppers, broccoli, strawberries and brussel sprouts. 

B9 can be found in kale, spinach, peas and other leafy vegetables. 

Potassium can be found mostly in fruits. 

Stocking up on tablet form vitamins and supplements is also a great addition to your detox. Coyne Health Vitamin C capsules, Wild Nutrition Omega 3 and Pukka Clean Green Capsules can help give that vitamin kick you need during your detox. 

Get exercising

We all know exercising is key to feeling and looking better. So get active with something you will stick too! If you have friends in the gym, go with them and motivate each other. If you have a dog, add in extra and longer walks. If you have children, get involved racing them around the park or do sports together. 

Try to make exercise something easy to add to your day. Also to avoid germs spreading during your active time (germs will not help your detox!) try Dr Bronners lavender hand sanitizer. Keep it in your gym bag and in your car. Not only can you wipe away all the germs from your kids hand but you can also spray the hand sanitizer on items such as runners, knee sleeves or clean gym equipment before using. 

Keep hydrated

Make sure you have your own large water bottle. Every couple of hours whether your at work, at the gym or at home, you should be refilling your water bottle. Keeping hydrated will help flush out all those toxins, letting you detox and get healthy.


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