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Medical experts urge people to take Vitamin D to tackle Covid 19

Medical experts urge people to take Vitamin D to tackle Covid 19

Recent articles from Irish medical professionals are showing reduced cases and reduced deaths when taking Vitamin D to tackle Covid 19. 

While the vaccine is being rolled out, these experts are asking the government to advise the country to take Vitamin D while also adhering to other safety measures. 

The experts from Ireland's leading universities have appealed to the Government to issue updated guidelines for all Irish adults on Vtamin D supplements which, they say, can significantly reduce the risk of infection, serious illness and death from Covid-19. 

They also highlight emerging evidence from Andalucia in Spain, where a public health initiative to supplement all vulnerable groups including those in care homes with Vitamin D coincided with a fall in daily Covid-19 death rates from 60 per day in mid-November to just three per day by the first week in January.

Experts such as Prof. Declan Byrne, clinical director at St James Hospital and Prof Rose Anne Kenny principal investigator of TILDA say Irish people are already lacking in Vitamin D as it is and now they are urging the Department of Health to increase its current Vitamin D guidelines to the general adult population for a daily intake of 20-25 micrograms to build protection against the virus.

During another study in France, they found that 83 per cent of those who got Vitamin D before leaving hospital were still alive five weeks later whereas in the group who didn't get Vitamin D in hospital, only 44 per cent survived

With all this in mind Healthy Buzz want to ensure our customers receive all the information they need to stay healthy and protect themselves from viruses. Pre Covid we would have always advised our customers to take Vitamin D daily but now it is more important than ever to protect yourself and the people you love!

For children a minimum daily amount of 400 IU is required up to age 12, a minimum 600 IU for adults and a minimum 800 IU for people age 70 and over but with recent research, experts are now saying a Vitamin D amount of 1000 IU is the best way protect yourself from the virus. 

Luckly we have a range of Vitamin D sprays and supplements HERE on our website. 

To read up more about the linkage between Vitamin D and Covid 19, see article from Breaking News HERE and RTE HERE

Vitamin D to tackle Covid 19

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