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Dr Bronner's Hand Sanitiser | Healthy Buzz Irelands Dr Bronner Supplier

Dr Bronner's Lavender Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser has got to be one of the best products for keeping in your handbag. It has become so useful for everyday life, whether your children get into a germ-filled playground or your hands need to be freshened up after lunchtime. 

Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Hand Hygiene Spray is the best on the market!

With most hand sanitizers available in small pocket sizes, they have become a handy tool for cleanups on the go. 

With Dr. Bronner's Lavender hand sanitiser, it cleans and freshens up a lot more than dirty hands. 

Dr. Bronner's multiple uses include:

  • Deodorant:
    Yes, I know it sounds crazy using a hand sanitizer as a deodorant but the spray smells amazing and kills germs without any nasty chemicals which can be found in conventional sanitizers. 

  • Spray for the home or personal items:
    The lavender smell is an amazing scent to spray and also works great for freshening up and killing germs on gym shoes, school bags, pillows or other items that are difficult to degerm. 

  • Cleaning glasses:
    Dr. Bronner's Lavender hand sanitizer is great for cleaning your fogged up glasses and camera lenses! Ig also works well for cleaning phones or laptop screens. 

  • Bites and burns:
    A spray of the organic fair trade ethyl alcohol is a great relief from mosquito or wasp stings for any of you traveling abroad this year. For quick relief on burns, the hand sanitiser will clean and sooth. 

  • Public surfaces:
    Every day we touch so many things without washing our hands as we might not have quick access to water and soap. The spray is great for directly spraying on surfaces such as public toilets, diaper changing trays and trolly cart handles. Or to use on your hands after use. 

  • Eliminating sticky surfaces:
    Particularly with young children, we can find ourselves in sticky situations. The hand sanitiser will help free you from endless baby wipes and rushing to find public bathrooms. 

With the huge number of uses the hand sanitiser has to offer, it's no wonder the product is Dr. Bronner's bestseller in Ireland. 

Not only is it beyond being just a hand sanitiser, but it is also all-natural with no nasty chemicals. 

To pick up your Dr. Bronner's hand sanitiser today, click here.

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