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True Natural Goodness	Wheatgrass Powder Organic
  • SKU: 36791A

True Natural Goodness Wheatgrass Powder Organic


HealthyBuzz offers True Natural Goodness Wheatgrass Powder Organic:

True Natural Goodness Organic Wheatgrass Powder is a powerfully nutritious food supplement in powdered form, packed full of vitamins and minerals.

This wheatgrass powder can be added to liquids such as water, juices or smoothies to give a new taste and offer a feeling of fullness, whilst offering real health benefits too. It is a rich source of vitamin A, which can improve skin health, achieving a clearer skin.

Vitamin A also supports the immune system, perfect for when you feel under the weather. It is processed to make sure that the natural fibres of the plant aren’t lost, so wheatgrass powder is a good source of dietary fibre that is easy to ingest.