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NUA Naturals - Coconut Palm Sugar Blonde (Org) 1x150g

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HealthyBuzz delighted to offer NUA Naturals - Coconut Palm Sugar Blonde (Org) 1x150g:

Coconut sugar has a very low melting temperature and is very versatile in food preparation. It can be used in place of table sugar or agave. It is ideal for chocolates, confectionery and beverages but can equally be used in savory foods to balance out salty flavours – perfect for sauces or curries.

What is Coconut Palm Sugar?
Coconut palm sugar is produced from the sap of the coconut flowers. Farmers climb the tree, cut the flowers and collect the flowing sap in a bamboo container. The sap is then poured into a wok and brought to a medium heat in order for the evaporation process to begin. The sap first turns to coconut syrup before being evaporated further into granulated sugar.

What does it taste like?
It has a slightly caramel taste and has a fuller flavor than brown sugar.