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NUA Naturals - Chlorella Powder (Org) 1x250g
NUA Naturals - Chlorella Powder (Org) 1x250g
  • SKU: 34700A

NUA Naturals - Chlorella Powder (Org) 1x250g


HealthyBuzz bring to market NUA Naturals - Chlorella Powder (Org) 1x250g:

Lean and green. Packed full of protein. Chlorella is an ideal supplement to boost immunity and promote overall health.

What is Chlorella Powder ?
Chlorella is a single celled micro algae and nature’s highest source of chlorophyll. One of the oldest foods on the planet, chlorella is still considered one of the primary ‘superfoods’. Chlorella’s photosynthetic efficiency means that it yields more protein per volume than any other plant.

What does it taste like?
It tastes ‘green’ and a little like green tea.