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Lavera - Kids Toothgel Straw/Raspberry
  • SKU: 22381A

Lavera - Kids Toothgel Straw/Raspberry


HealthyBuzz bring to market Lavera - Kids Toothgel Straw/Raspberry:

Strawberry & Raspberry Tooth Gel - Information

Strawberry & Raspberry Tooth Gel by Lavera provides a radiant white smile. The aim of a dental care product is to remove tartar and discolouration. It should also make unpleasant scents and tastes disappear. This is why most toothpastes have a strong flavour of their own, as is the case with Strawberry & Raspberry Tooth Gel.

Natural dental care

The brand Lavera is known for cosmetics made of natural ingredients. This philosophy has been upheld in the manufacture of this tooth gel. Regardless of whether it is for sensitive teeth or frequently bleeding gums - both can be combatted with this product. As it is well tolerated and ideal for sensitive teeth, this product will make your radiant smile even more beautiful. It is also suitable for those with allergies - all of the ingredients originate from organic cultivation and have not been enhanced with artificial flavourings or additives. The product contains ingredients such as avocado and wild rose. With their combination of natural cosmetics, anti-ageing products, sunscreen and ideal facial care products, both men and women will find everything they need from Lavera for a feel-good programme[/b) that you can see and feel.