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Iswari Matcha Powder (Org) 1x70g

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Why choose Iswari Matcha? Matcha has become a tea for everyone, but only a small elite of Japanese producers are able to produce it. This is the most complicated tea production in the world. Matcha is grown only in plantations sheltered from the sun: four weeks before harvest, Matcha plantations are covered with dark nets to stimulate chlorophyll production.

Iswari Matcha is unique because:
  • It is cultivated in primitive regions of Japan, away from pollution and radiation;
  • Harvest and processing are done using traditional methods;
  • The leaves are stone ground using ancestral techniques;
  • It contains more nutrients, salts, vitamins, and antioxidants than normal green tea: one cup of Matcha corresponds to about 10 cups of green tea!
  • It respects the tradition of Japanese flavour: it contains much more protein than the average Matcha we find in the supermarket, and this makes it tastier, as well as particularly nutritious!
  • It has a high caffeine content.