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Herbatint Light Copperish Gold 10DR 1x150ml
  • SKU: 39577B

Herbatint Light Copperish Gold 10DR 1x150ml


HealthyBuzz delighted to offer Herbatint Light Copperish Gold 10DR 1x150ml: 

Herbatint-10DR Light Copperish Gold by Herbatint 4.5 oz Liquid Herbatint-10DR Light Copperish Gold 4.5 oz Liquid The DR Series adds a brighter red to light blonde shade to your natural hair color. Note Does not provide complete coverage for gray hair. More Conditioning Lasting Color With Aloe Vera No Ammonia or Paraben For One or Two Applications Directions Your hair must be dry and unwashed 1) Using a plastic or a glass container only combine equal amounts of Herbatint gel and the glycol developer to suit the length and volume of your hair. Replace the caps on the bottles containing unused products and retain for future use. 2) Using a tinting brush apply the mixture onto dry unwashed hair. 1st Case Previously colored hair 3) Apply the mixture to the regrowth area and leave to develop for 30 minutes. 4) Then apply the remainder of the mixture through the rest of the hair and wait a further 10 minutes. (total processing time 40 minutes. 2nd case Uncolored hair 3) Apply the mixture thr