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Herbatint Copper Chestnut 4R 1x135ml
  • SKU: 14653B

Herbatint Copper Chestnut 4R 1x135ml


HealthyBuzz presents Herbatint Copper Chestnut 4R 1x135ml:

Herbatint-4R Copper Chestnut by Herbatint 4.0 oz Liquid Herbatint-4R Copper Chestnut 4.0 oz Liquid The R Series offers a rich cool red base ideal for olive skin tones. Note Does not provide complete coverage for gray hair. Herbatint is the finest most natural permanent hair colouring gel free of harsh chemicals and Ammonia. Herbatint offers a safe gentle and effective way to colour your hair and cover grey with just 1 application. Depending on the length of your hair Herbatint can be used for 1 application or can be saved for a second application when the colour has grown out. Herbatint can be used even if a chemical dye has been used to colour your hair and if your hair has just been permed. Its easy to use and has no smell Directions Use only on dry hair. Using a plastic or a glass container only combine equal amounts of Herbatint with the glycol developer (included in pack). Make sure the mixture has been thoroughly blended before application. Put on the gloves (included in pack).