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Coyne Healthcare AHCC

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Coyne Healthcare’s AHCC® is a highly specialised Japanese fermented shitake medicinal mushroom product that helps prime and modulate the immune system during the Prevention and Infection Phase of exposure to a virus. 

This shitake mushroom undergoes a special fermentation process that helps to potentiate the shitake mushroom, thereby making it highly effective in the body.


AHCC® is also a powerful antioxidant that aggressively combats free radicals. Lots of oxidative stress (too many oxidants and not enough anti-oxidants) is generated during a viral infection. It is essential that this is mopped-up efficiently by antioxidants for a better recovery outcome. 

Used by tens of thousands of healthy people worldwide, it is rich in alpha-glucans, which increase the compound’s absorption and efficacy.


AHCC® helps to prime the immune system and mop-up oxidative stress generated during a viral infection. There are clinical studies validating its anti-viral benefits.