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FREE Delivery over €50 | Orders €20 - €50 is NOW €4.50 | Orders €0 - €20 is NOW €6.95
FREE Delivery over €50 | Orders €20 - €50 is NOW €4.50 | Orders €0 - €20 is NOW €6.95

Corporate Responsibility

Modeling Progressive Business Practices

At Dr. Bronner’s, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just a buzzword. From the products we make, throughout our supply chains, to our dedicated activism and our charitable giving, to our relationships with employees, we are committed to progressive values in every aspect of our business.

We are a family business, and we consider all who work with us to be part of our extended family. We recognize the important roles of all our employees in every position within the company, and we pride ourselves on providing them with our great benefits and compensation programs.

The total compensation of our highest-paid employees and executives is capped at five times that of the lowest-paid position. Our employees receive 15% of their salary paid annually into a retirement/profit-sharing plan, up to 25% of their salary as a bonus, and a no-deductible PPO health insurance plan for themselves and their families. We implement programs within our workplace to encourage personal growth and development, and we strive to create a healthy environment for workers to thrive and take pride in their contributions to the broader world community through their work at Dr. Bronner’s.

All profits not needed for business priorities are fully dedicated to the charitable and activist causes we support – they are not kicked back as windfall bonuses or distributions to executives or owners.