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FREE Delivery over €50 | Orders €20 - €50 is NOW €4.50 | Orders €0 - €20 is NOW €6.95

Listen To Your Gut - Gut Health Bundle

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Healthy Buzz presents to you our Gut Health Bundle, a collection of special products such as Coyne Healthcare Bio Curcumin, Proven Probiotic for Digestive and Wild Nutrition Zinc Plus to help keep your gut healthy and happy. 

  • Coyne Healthcare Bio-Curcumin 60s

Bio-Curcumin® has been proven to deliver up to seven times more free and bioactive curcumin into the bloodstream than regular curcumin extracts and it remains active in the body for over eight hours. Great for inflammation, and keeping your gut healthy. 

  • Proven Probiotic for Digestive

Proven Probiotic for Digestive system (gut) is central to supporting our health – it contains more than 70% of the body’s immune system and 10 times more bacteria than we have cells in our whole body. It is high in fibre, including prebiotic fibre (FOS), inulin and SunfiberTM, with L-glutamine and aloe vera and it also contains vitamins A, C & D and calcium. 

  • Wild Nutrition Zinc Plus

It's a unique complex of Food-Grown® Zinc with 'team mates' such as B vitamins to support absorption. Zinc plays a fundamental role in hormone balance, fertility, skin, eyes, immunity, cognition, bones, antioxidant protection and more.