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True Natural Goodness - Cacao Powder (Org) 1x120g
  • SKU: 36785A

True Natural Goodness - Cacao Powder (Org) 1x120g


HealthyBuzz offers True Natural Goodness - Cacao Powder (Org) 1x120g:

All the flavour of the finest cocoa beans, a known source of flavonoids.

Cacao powder is made from the finest cacao beans. The "food of the gods", cacao beans are obtained from the cacao fruit and have been a prized culinary ingredient in Latin America since ancient times. In addition to vitamins, fibre and minerals, cacao is also very high in flavonoids, which possess many health benefits.

Rich in dietary fibre, Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Potassium. 

How to use: Add a few dessert spoons of raw cocoa powder to cereals, smoothies, home baking, hot and cold drinks or trail bars.