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Higher Nature - True Food Calcium & Magnesium
  • SKU: 18795B

Higher Nature - True Food Calcium & Magnesium


HealthyBuzz offers Higher Nature - True Food Calcium & Magnesium:

Carefully balanced to complement each other, calcium and magnesium are combined in the True Food Calcium and Magnesium supplement to support your overall health. These two minerals work in synergy to maintain normal bones and teeth, restore energy levels and support a normal metabolism. The ingredients in this potent formula have been sourced from highly-bioavailable food forms, such as sea calcium seaweed complex, for easy absorption and maximum efficacy.

  • Supports bones, teeth, energy levels and metabolism
  • One-to-one ration of magnesium and calcium
  • Contains two of the most important nutrients in the body
  • Highly-bioavailable food forms for maximum absorption
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly