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Stress / Sleep Package

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Healthy Buzz presents to you our Stress Care Package, a collection of special products such as Biomax Liposomal Magnesium, Biomax® Liposomal Activated VIT B and Bio Canna Liposomal CBD to help relive you from all your stress, sleep and anxiety in these times!

  • Bio Canna Professional CBD 300mg Liposomal

Bio-Canna™ is produced using a proprietary and break-through technology that ensures enhanced absorption and bio-availability. Human clinical trials have shown that one hour after consumption, Bio-Canna™ delivers 740 percent more CBD into the body than
regular CBD supplements.

  • Biomax® Activated VIT B Liposomal

Biomax® Activated VIT B.CO Liposomal with Quatrefolic® has been formulated and developed in accordance with the latest scientific understanding of vitamin B’s role in human health. Delivering a full and potent complex utilizing specialized liposomal technology, this patented formulation is able to overcome the challenges faced with
conventional vitamin B supplementation in the modern world.

  • Biomax Magnesium Liposomal

It is a highly absorbable and bioavailable magnesium supplement. Containing both magnesium citrate (known to be more readily absorbed than some other forms of magnesium) and liposomal magnesium (which provides sustained time release), this powerful product delivers results that are both fast-acting and long-lasting.