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Pulsin - Maple & Whey Crisp Protein Bar 18 Pack
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Pulsin - Maple & Whey Crisp Protein Bar 18 Pack


HealthyBuzz presents Pulsin - Maple & Whey Crisp Protein Bar 18 Pack:

Containing a blend of whey, pea and rice protein to provide all of the essential amino acids your body needs, this bar gives you the perfect protein boost for pre or post workout.

For our nourishing Maple & Whey Crisp Protein Booster, we use real Canadian maple syrup to give it a sweet taste but without any refined sugars.

The blend of both whey and plant based protein and the high fibre content in our Maple & Whey Crisp Protein Booster can also help keep you feeling fuller for longer and work to keep you energised between meals and on the go.