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Pulsin - Immunity Red Berry Supershake
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Pulsin - Immunity Red Berry Supershake


HealthyBuzz bring to market Pulsin - Immunity Red Berry Supershake:

Our NEW Red Berry ‘Immunity’ Supershake has 20g of complete plant-based protein per serving and has a perfect complex of Vitamin C and live bacteria to support an active immune system.

The blend of red berries when added with water, make it a great tasting and easily digestible protein drink on the go, which is rich in Vitamin C and Pro-Biotics.

Why Should I Choose the Immunity Supershake?
Our NEW Red Berry ‘Immunity’ Supershake blends Pea, Pumpkin Seed and Rice Protein with Vitamin C and Pro-biotics.

The ‘Immunity’ Supershake is a complete source of plant-based protein and Vitamin C is vital for a strong immune system. It contains over 1 billion live Bacillus Coagulans live bacteria which can improve gut health and is a daily boost of friendly bacteria.

It is: Vegan, Non GM and contains no added fillers or sugar. It’s rich blend of Vitamin C and live bacteria make it a great choice to support your active immune system.

How Do I Use It?
Simply add 28g to a shaker together with 250ml-300ml of water and shake for a great tasting protein drink on the go. Each 28g serving contains 20g of protein. Take one to three servings per day.

Who’s It For?
Our Supershakes are the perfect product for health and fitness enthusiasts and those following a plant-based diet who are looking for a single nutritional solution - with the added benefit of being quick to make at home or on-the-go, simply add water, shake and enjoy.