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Higher Nature - Maxi Multi
  • SKU: 18726B

Higher Nature - Maxi Multi


HealthyBuzz bring to market Higher Nature - Maxi Multi:

Provides all the vitamins plus 10 essential minerals, selected and produced to Higher Nature's high standards of quality ingredients and minimal excipients.

Contains vitamin A. Do not take if pregnant or planning pregnancy

Two tablets provide: Vitamin A (5000iu) 1500µg, Beta Carotene 500µg, Vitamin D2 (200iu) 5µg, Vitamin E (90iu) 60.6mg, Vitamin C 200mg, Vitamin K 80µg, Vitamin B1 50mg, Vitamin B2 50mg, Vitamin B3 80mg, Pantothenic Acid 50mg, Vitamin B6 6.6mg, Vitamin B12 10µg, Folic acid 400µg, Biotin 50µg, Choline 20mg, Inositol 20mg, Calcium 340mg, Magnesium 150mg, Zinc 10mg, Manganese 2.6mg, Boron 1mg, Copper 50µg, Selenium 30µg, Iodine (kelp) 30µg, GTF Chromium 30µg, Vanadium 30µg.

Suggested intake: Adults and children over 12: 2-3 tablets a day, with meals.