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Food-Grown® Methyl Connect
  • SKU: 40214B

Food-Grown® Methyl Connect


HealthyBuzz delighted to offer Food-Grown® Methyl Connect:

A unique formulation of Food-Grown® vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic beetroot powder to support methylation. We rely on methylation (a naturally-occurring biochemical process) to be constantly producing and removing molecules or substances we need as well as the necessary removal of waste products. Methylation is implicated in brain chemistry for many functions: mood, energy production, immunity, cardiovascular health, fertility and more. Food-Grown® nutrients provide naturally methylated forms and are compatible with genetic polymorphisms.

- Key Benefits:

>With methionine to support the production of cysteine for glutathione 

>With folate and B12 in naturally methylated forms

>With beetroot for betaine as a methyl donor