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Fertility Programme
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Fertility Programme


HealthyBuzz bring to market Fertility Programme:

Fertility Programme comprises of three products: Food-Grown® Fertility for Women, Food-Grown® Fertility for Men and our High Strength Omega 3. Expertly formulated by Nutritionist Henrietta Norton who has spent more than a decade professionally guiding women and men through successful conceptions and happy pregnancies. For use if you are trying to conceive naturally or if you are undergoing fertility treatment, the preconception period gives you a window of opportunity to evaluate your nutrition and general lifestyle.

Key Benefits

  • Women: nourishment for female physical and mental wellness with the required 400ug of folic acid as natural folate
  • Omega 3 (DHA) from fish oil contributes to the normal development of the eyes and brain of the foetus and breastfed infants
  • Men: with zinc for fertility and reproduction and selenium for healthy sperm
  • Exclusive expert nutritional guide included in programme box